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Vplus Solutions

Valled’s Vplus systems are all-in-one solutions for energy collection and storage, applicable in several contexts, from industries to households.

Autonomous solar-powered electric pumps for water collection and irrigation, energy production solutions for energy autonomy or for selling to a power grid and roof structures for exterior car parks, capable of autonomously collecting solar radiation and light are some examples of systems already developed and in place.

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Metallic structure in electroplated iron that can be used to install photovoltaic panels and simultaneously used as a roof for a car park.

It is fixed to the ground with a solid flange, below or above ground level, depending on the desired type of application and height, and can be sized according to the customer’s needs.

Easy assembly structure, equipped with all the accessories necessary for installation.

Solar-powered pump

Metallic pole made of electroplated iron, with several height and production capacity settings.

It is composed of a shaft, photovoltaic panels, electric pump and control system.

The dimensions of the panels and electric pump are calculated according to the installation site, type of use and operating conditions.

Energy generator

Electric energy production systems without the need for a connection to the public power grid or to any other systems.

All the energy is produced on site, in an autonomous and ecological way.

Easy to install and maintain.